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Meet Vantage Point PM - A Locally owned and operated business Providing personalized, affordable and reliable residential property management services to single family homeowners and investors in Lee's Summit, Greenwood, and Blue Springs, Missouri.

Why we are here

Our business is designed to serve two categories of property owners.   the first is obvious; owners that lease their properties to tenants.  The second are those that do not occupy their property and need some help maintaining it while it remains vacant.  these homes still require tlc, sometimes more than if they are lived in.  Either way, the intention remains the same: to maintain the exteriors and interiors so that the property continues to be an asset.  After all, property management is really asset management.  

Why you are here

If you're in the first category, depending on where your property is in the timeline, our services begin at working with your realtor to place tenants, or if there are already tenants in place, we start transferring responsibilities from you to us right away!

No tenants?  no problem!  If you're in the second category, maybe you don't want to keep asking your neighbor to check on the house once in a while.  Perhaps you've received warnings or citations from the city for grass that's too long or another ordinance violation you were unaware of.  Maybe you want to get rid of that nagging feeling that you need to check in to make sure the house is still secure, no branches or limbs are down from that crazy storm, or that nothing major has failed inside like a bursted pipe or a leaky water heater.  For a flat fee, we can help with all of that!

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