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                            Hi!  My name is Shawna, and I created this company keeping in                                 mind the experiences I've had over the years as a tenant, a                            homeowner, an investor, and a property manager.  



Lee's Summit, Missouri is my home town, and all of my immediate family lives in or around there.  After graduating from Lee's Summit North High School, I moved to  Houston, Texas, where I graduated from Rice University with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Geophysics.  I worked in Texas for the oil and gas industry for years, purchasing my first single family home in 2006 as my primary residence.  with that property, i learned the ropes of homeownership and picked up quite a few handy skills along the way. Eventually I sold that home and purchased another, where i lived for a few years before converting it to a rental.   in the next five years or so, i purchased two more investment properties and managed all three on my own.  

i eventually moved to Portland, Oregon, where I continued to manage my properties in Texas from there.  it was then that I started to learn the challenges of managing properties remotely.  I was asking friends and neighbors to keep tabs and felt the need to travel back to Houston frequently, all of which was an inconvenience for everyone involved, and expensive!

In Portland, I began working for a small property management company that specialized in high-end luxury homes.  Many of our clients were out of state or country, and many of our tenants were professional athletes and executives.  I led the maintenance department and grew it considerably using the latest technologies and automation.  I learned extremely valuable skills in this job, most of which focused on the balance of keeping tenants happy in an affordable way for the property owners.  Landlord/tenant laws out there are EXTREMELY strict and protective of tenants.  In addition, with the seasons and climate challenges of the Pacific NorthWest, I gained an appreciation for seasonal preventative maintenance and weatherproofing.

I moved back to Lee's Summit in 2020.  Since then, i've observed that there is a big gap in affordable and reputable property management companies that represent single family homes.  Therefore, I have designed this business to help fill that gap.   

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