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Why Choose Vantage Point?


Having worn all the hats, we know what's important to homeowners, investors, and tenants.  Our services cater to these priorities, but our endgame is always asset management.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

When we receive a maintenance request, we trouble shoot first if we can, applying creativity and past knowledge/experience, before contacting a vendor for repairs.  If we can fix it before outsourcing, we will, and everybody wins!

For example: No service call charges for an electrician for a tripped breaker, and No plumber charges for a garbage disposal that simply needed reset!   You will not pay for these unnecessary service calls.  

We do not up-charge maintenance costs.  you pay what the vendor charges, and we can often get lower rates from our preferred vendors. 

Detailed and customized reports

Because each home we manage is different, we customize our inspection reports to reflect your unique home's traits.  reports can include photos, video, as well as  comments and recommendations to document everything and maintain your asset throughout the seasons and over time.   We will even face time or zoom if there's a need for communication in realtime!  

reduce legal risks and liability

Did you know that the most common reason disputes end up in court are due to differences of opinion in what's normal wear and tear?  We are familiar with Missouri's landlord-tenant law and general rental best practices.  We also have attorneys we can refer to for specific issues if need be.   This part is scary, but we can help mitigate any disputes before they end up in court, and we have resources at our disposal to stay on the right side of the law.

Asset Management

Managing your real estate property is more than just fixing things when they're broken. 


Having a presence and familiar point of contact for tenants for anything they need is crucial.  Tenants take care of things better when they have a sense of ownership and feel valued.  We step in before move in day to make their transition as smooth as possible, and strive to end on good terms so they refer their friends and family to Vantage Point-managed rentals. 

We also keep an eye on routine and preventative maintenance to avoid major repairs down the road that are extremely costly.  This is especially critical if you're considering our services for a vacant property.  uninhabited homes have no one to report issues, so we become the eyes and ears in a reliable and consistent fashion to save you money in the long run.  

Fast and easy auto payments and deposits

our website is set up to accept electronic rent payments from tenants.  this reduces delinquencies which maintains consistent cash flow.  

We also distribute funds on the 10th of every month via ach deposit into your account. 

Technology driven and environmentally conscious

We have chosen Buildium as our operating platform.  It tracks every property, owner, contract, lease, tenant, and financial transaction, as well as maintenance requests and vendor invoices/payments.  therefore we are nearly paperless.  We're also a proud owner of the first hybrid pickup truck in the US to reduce our carbon footprint as we're visiting your properties.

WHAT PEOPLE are saying

Billy H.

Quick to answer a call, text or e-mail and quick to jump right on the requests. Keep up the good work!

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