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We aren't like other property managers!

We know where we excel in this business, and that's property management/maintenance after tenants are in place.  So, that's what we stick to!  What this means is that there is a clear division of roles and responsibilities between what we do versus the real estate side of things.  We choose to work WITH real estate agents rather than offer those services ourselves.   


We can't and therefore will not do:

  • Research comps

  • Recommend pricing

  • List

  • Negotiate lease terms

  • Create the lease agreement

  • Accept any referral fees


We can and therefore will do, if needed:

  • Deliver a lease application, a lease, or any amendment thereof, to any person

  • Receive a lease application, lease, or amendment thereof, a security deposit, rental payment, or any related payment

  • Show a rental unit to any person, as long as the employee is acting under the direct instructions of the broker or owner, including the execution of leases or rental agreements

  • Convey information prepared by a broker or owner about a rental unit, a lease, an application for lease, or the status of a security deposit, or the payment of rent, by any person


after tenants have been secured, we'll take it from there!  when the property moves out of the rental market, we'll give it back to you!  Because we don't operate the real estate side of things, your referrals are safe with us!

This is a unique business model that sets us apart from most property management firms.  The benefits of operating this way are contacts for both of us.  plus, we get calls daily asking about available rentals.   We'd love to have you in our network so that if we don't have anything that meets a customer's needs, we can reach out to you!  

Don't forget - we also manage vacant properties too!  if your seller is weary of renting a property that's not selling,  we offer services for medium to long-term vacant homes.  we check in on the property periodically and make sure everything is safe and sound.  We believe this offers peace of mind to owners that can't or don't want to physically do this themselves.  

Ways for you get referrals from us

  • Future home buyers - tenants inform us that  they are considering buying their next home in your area

  • Future renters - folks looking for a specific kind of property that we don't have available in our portfolio.

  • Rentals converting to sell - owners express an interest to leave the rental market and sell their property


Ways we hope to get referrals from you

  • You are marketing a rental, and your seller is curious about having someone help them manage it

  • A seller has had their house on the market for sale but hasn't received any offers and is ready to convert to a rental

  • You are finding potential rentals for a real estate investor that is out of town and might need help managing locally

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